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I've been writing songs for DJ's all over the world. its not often they wanna keep my demo voclas. so I'm pretty excited about this...

Hold On Its A Beautiful world





Irish born George Rigby describes himself as an elecrtonic singer-songwriter. Working primarily with a hybrid acoustic/electronic pop sound, he has the rare ability to write songs that tug on the emotions of audiences while ensuring they are having a bloody good time!


Hailing from Dublin, George honed his craft playing live across Europe from 1995 to audiences in Germany, the Balearics and Sweden and Finland. Settling in Helsinki, he now focuses on song writing and producing for Pop and Dance artists, but continues to cameo across Europe, having never lost the wanderlust and exuberance that’s forever present in his music.


In 2017 you will hear George’s tunes and vocals in clubs throughout Europe and USA as remixed by Deltimo on the summer track ‘Hold on It’s a Beautiful World’. Now the pared down version of the track is also available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azFQNWnSNOs&t=5s


His next move is to bring his chill out, sunset live show to Ibiza.

For more information contact:


Lehtitie 15b

02730 Espoo



+358 40 722 66 24



18th April 2017

Song and remixes on spotify and itunes, Juno etc. waiting for vevo channel.


18th April




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